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The outgoing qsl service is for arrl members who wish to have their qsl cards sent to contacts. Some amateurs collect paper qsl cards, but many prefer the immediacy of getting an electronic qsl card as its faster and cheaper than waiting for a paper card. Are you trying to figure out what country a particular callsign is from. Modern photo qsl card designs and printing premium quality at competitive prices. New, less expensive alternative to walnut eaward p.

A q code message can stand for a statement or a question when the code is followed by a question mark. Whether youre creating a card for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a new babys arrival, you can. The most obvious way of sending qsl cards is through the mail. The electronic qsl card centre is the first and only global electronic qsl card exchange for amateur radio operators and swls. It is designed to be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to exchange qso confirmations, eliminating the cost and time that regular qsl cards have required for the past half century. Qsl card maker software free download qsl card maker. Welcome to qsl works, americas premier source for custom qsl cards individually designed with your images or ours for a truely unique, memorable qsl card. Anyway, in 1967 i would dash out to my mailbox to see what qsl cards i had received and from where.

The individual cards can then be cut out and the information filled in and mailed to the intended recipient. You have the option of printing a single qsl card or printing up to four cards per page. Membership gateway to all your financial account information. Amateur operators submit proof of their status by having their details verified, and a certificate of authenticity is issued. Qsl maker scroll down for dial maker here is a zipped file with all the files required to run johns fb qsl maker program. So, in 1998, we created the first eqsl exchange and called it. I know that more than one service exists, but that is the extent of my knowledge. I hope you enjoy browsing the website and find it helpful in deciding the type of qsl card you want. Login to add log entries or to customize your qsl cards.

If you email or snail mailpostal you can open your saved card in paint. Create a folder on your computer named qslmaker and copy the zipped file qslmaker. This tool will let you create you own qsl cards importing pictures and customizing colors and other cards aspects. The main objection to electronic qsl cards even by the rsgb, who decided recently not to accept them any longer as a proof of contact in contests. Does one owe a qsl card for each ft8 contact, or even for one. Load in the background image file, position your text fields, and. This is because, in lotw, a qsl is generated by a blind matching of qso records in logs submitted by both participants in a qso. Free collection 40 qsl card template download free. Wf5e outgoing qsl service private qsl bureau much quicker than conventional bureaus. The cards will be created in the form of a pdf document that you can then print on lightweight card stock. The main category is qsl printing, labels, collectors that is about qsl software. With eqslmaster users of the system have the ability to upload an entire adif format log file or single qso and have it deposited into eqsl central database using logservices.

That same reference point is used for print registration. A typical qsl card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most. Qsldesignandprint is a windows program for designing and printing. If i make say 50 ft8 qsos running background ft8 do i need to allocate time and money. Load in the background image file, position your text fields, and youre all set to go. This link is listed in our web site directory since sunday nov 19 2006, and till today ham label has been followed for a total of 15851 times.

In order for electronic qsl cards to become widely accepted by contest and awards authorities, there must be sufficient security in place to prevent fraud. You will get a lot more personal service than other. Electronic log books such as dxlog, writelog, dx4win and others have the facility to print labels. It was been printed commercially by ux5uo print with a cartoon on the front ready for printing qso information on the back. The arrl announced they are going to take on the task of setting up software hardware to authenticate electronic handling of qsl cards. About a div of air wave productions, llc purpose is the first and only global electronic qsl card exchange for amateur radio operators and swls. If you have a computer with word processing software and a printer, you can make your own custom qsl cards, with. The cost saving of not having to purchase about 20,000 labels was. If you are the authorized recipient of a qsl card, you should be able to look in your logbook and find the callsign, date, time, band, and mode of each qso you want to retrieve a qsl from. Normally the card is preprinted with the call sign of the originating ham radio station placed prominently on it. How to custom design individual cards on your own pc. Listed under the software qsl category that is about qsl printing, labels, collectors. If you would like to see cards made, check out my webshack site the qsl cards were made using above method.

Liability for pricing and performance of advertised products is the responsibility of the vendors, not. About ham label the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Wac that have been transmitted to the recipient via electronic means for its awards. The qsl bureau or qsl buro is a wellestablished system for sending amateur radio qsl cards in bulk. A typical qsl card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most are sent through the mail as such.

Please take a look at the several pages of qsl examples for ideas. Notice that you also have full control of the placement of text and graphics. Each order receives personalized, professional attention proudly produced in americas heartland. When im on the air, the people i send a qsl card to earn it. Just about any value in qsl card is that they are still required for awards. Download the qsl images for each eqsl card that have been sent to you. Qsl maker this nice software, developed by wb8rcr let you design and print your own qsl cards, allowing to personalize background, by importing pictures or just filling with a plain colour, and let you personalize headings and address as well as your own callsign.

Cc global electronic qsl card exchange for amateur. The programs can be adjusted to print any number of labels per. Your logging software may even be able to upload your contacts to these systems automatically as you make them. Have the path to store cards directory automatically scanned to check if a particular eqsl file already exists there to prevent duplicate downloading. With these systems, there is no need to exchange paper cards although many hams send a card for a first contact with a station for their collections. Dave has nearly 40 years of experience architecting computer hardware and software systems and has been involved in other pioneering.

Qsl maker is a lightweight windows application built specifically for helping radio station amateurs create their own qsl cards. Adobe spark post is a free card maker that allows you to create something truly memorable for a loved one. The concept of electronic qsl cards is now ell established and it is used by many particularly dxpeditions for whom it can save considerable amounts of cost and time. Cq amateur radio magazine began accepting electronic qsls from for its four award programs in january 2009. Ft8 and qsl cards with varying frequency amateur radio. If you have a computer with word processing software and a printer, you can make your own custom qsl cards, with each card individually printed for the ham you just contacted. Listen to an audio interview with n5up from the rain report and learn about. Whilst paper cards have a collectable value, many radio amateurs are turning towards electronic versions to enable to provide a more effective service. Go to log entry, or if you have logging software, go to upload adif.

Links to qsl card printers category is a curation of 44 web resources on, martprint qsl printer, nyqsl print, kb3ifh qsl cards. Qsl design and print is a popular windows based program widely used for designing and printing qsl cards. The lotw interface is also clean and well laid out. Cc global electronic qsl card exchange for amateur radio.

A qsl card should contain sufficient information to confirm a ham radio contact. The incoming qsl service acts as a central clearing house for qsl cards arriving from foreign countries. I send and sometimes receive paper qsl cards but as mentioned above also make use of l0tw and also eqsl as electronic qsl services as theyre both synched to my electronic qrz logbook. If you have got photo shop or any other photo editing program then its fun to make your own cards to be used in eqsl. You must have already registered to use the system before you can login here. If you decide for use adif2qsl software as qsl printing utility in logger32, it is very useful to add adif2qsl to logger32 utilities menu toolsutility program setup. In addition to this the ham radio qsl card should have a number of other details. The software is even open source so it can be integrated into logging software. I do subscribe to eqsl because i like to use it, although i dont use it to obtain certificates etc, but it is much quicker than sending thru the qsl bureau, or much cheaper than sending a card thru the post after paying for your cards to be printed, plus postage these days is expensive. Javascript popups pimping their paid services when you login every single.

Anyone acting as an authorized qsl manager, however, may receive logs via email or any other direct means and send qsl cards, via post mail, to recipients. At least with eqsl, you get a card, with a picture and everything, even if it is electronic. I look forward to helping you create your own personal card. Bv is a professional software for the qsl management and labelqsl printing under windows developed and distributed by bernd koch, df3cb since 1989. More qsl card samples in this example you see that you can use any of the standard windows fonts including the ham fonts that are included with the software. Runs on windows systems by wb8rcr ham label professional qsl cards label printing software. The zl2as qsl card below is a simple one i designed for. We now offer 60m endorsements for the edx100, ewas. Even though there are many other tools that can be used for creating and printing the qsl cards, this qsl design and print software gives you additional features that are normally not found with other tools. The zl2as qsl card below is a simple one i designed for handwritten information. Discussion in ham radio discussions started by n5pvl, feb 21, 2011. Take a look at itus table of allocation of intl call sign series.

Does it matter that the ham is opting out of the usual electronic qsl confirmations that are typical with ft8. Hamsphere qsl exchange management system please note you can use the hamsphere logo brand trademark product on your qsl cards providing that the hamsphere logo is put there alone and not mixed with any other logos brands trademarks products on the same card. What about overseas ft8 cards that arrive in a return qsl card owed. A qsl card is a written confirmation of either a twoway radiocommunication between two amateur radio stations. Fwiw, the qrz logbook is very easy to use and displays qso records much like my paper logs. I got my first ticket in 1967 as wn9axc later to become wb9axc and now k9sjb.

Stepbystep overview of how works this sequence of slides will give you an idea of how the system works, allowing hams and swls all over the world to send and receive eqsl cards via the internet. It boasts a clean and simple interface that gives users the. Next if you always save qsl file with the same name only two mouse clicks are required to print qsl labels adif2qsl remember last used options and file names. Electronic qsls are now accepted by many organisations for awards, making them a really viable 21st century alternative to the rather dated card version used since the very. Send questions, comments or trouble reports to the volunteer support staff. Show your enthusiasm for eqsls by keeping one or more of these items in your ham shack, office, or car. There is also the facility to download all my qsl cards from eqsl so ive got them in a nice little folder on my computers.

In order to overcome this the qsl bureau concept enables cards to be sent in bulk. Choose from a selection of sizes, design options and backgrounds to make a greeting card that definitely wont be found in stores. To me, eqsl is halfway between paper and electronic cards. The concept of electronic qsl cards is now ell established and it is used by. With eqslmaster users of the system have the ability to. But email is not a very easy way of exchanging cards.

Feb 21, 2011 i am thinking about setting up to handle electronic qsls, as i am not a card collector or award chaser, but i still want to be able to qsl if somebody needs it. With eqsl, i can print cards that are interesting to me, and the ones that arent didnt cost anybody postage to send to me. Dxqsl qsl card printing tool for windows, can print complete back side of the qsl card and also labels. Rcklog for windows incorporates many advanced features that create the ultimate contesting tool for novice and expert alike. In fact you can now have complete control over the design, manufacture and processing of your own cards. Sending qsl cards directly is costly as many of them will need to be sent abroad. If you have a ham radio oriented business, take a look at our advertising opportunities. Sending and receiving qsls on your ham radio dummies. To sum things up, qsl maker offers a simple software solution when it comes to designing qsl cards. Clever hams were sending electronic qsl cards by email years ago. Its true that the best printed cards look better, but so many real qsl cards are plain, standard designs, often printed in one colour for reasons of cost. Assuming this is a hobby and awards are forms of achievements recognition aka bragging rights based on honesty there is no need to have confirmation by having either electronic or paper or email qsl.

Topic we want contesting and awardgranting organizations to accept printed eqsl cards that were generated from an eqsl computer system, instead of commercially preprinted traditional qsl cards. Qsl cards electronic qsls qsl bureau qsl managers vintage qsl gallery qsl cards in their paper form are costly, time consuming and take a long while to reach their destination. July 28, 2000arrl endources logbook of the world at july 2001 board of directors meeting. The program checks to see if the eqsl exists in the path to store cards directory before downloading the card again. The zl2al qsl design below shows the front side graphics and the second is the back of the qsl. I find eqsl excellent for electronic qsling at minimum cost.

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