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Ayo 1988, community development and local government administration in nigeria in amechi nweze ed perspectives on community and rural development in nigeria, challenge press, jos nigeria. In all, there are 774 local governments in nigeria including the four area councils in abuja. Summary states and governments across the world irrespective of their nomenclature use the concept and practice of local government as an effective strategy for ensuring good governance at the local level. The local government ought to be the government of the people run by the people for the people. Repositioning nigeria public administration for national development the challenge of national development and transformation makes it imperative for the machinery of government responsible for it, to be reengineered in order to meet up with the core demands of national developments. Cppas series on nigerian institutions of governance continues with a look at local government in lagos, courtesy of tosin osasona. Local government can spur economic development in the country. Department of public service and administration, for conceptualising the project and his overall guidance government departments, in particular the presidency, treasury, department of provincial and local government, and various components in. The problem of urban population, rural stagnation, unemployment and growing inequalities continue to face less developed countries, which nigeria belongs. Between democratic and the caretaker committee approach to local government administration in nigeria. But due to the fact that there are many local governments in nigeria, the researcher decided to center the research in nkanu east local government using it as the case study.

A country is classified as developed when is able to provide qualitative life for her citizenry. The paper canvassed the need for synergy and collaborative approach to community development and reform initiatives anchored on theory to practice policy inclination. Local government, challenges, nigeria, rural development. Community and social development act 2009 kwara local government act 1999. For any responsive and dependable political system, the development of the rural areas must be. Community development as a concept can be said to be as old as the period man became settled.

The first epoch took place from 1946 to 1966, the second epoch lasted from 1967 to 1976, and the final stage started from 1976 and exists till date. The guidelines for local government reforms in nigeria of 1976 defined it as government at local level exercised through a representative council established by law to exercise specific powers and function within defined areas. In 1950, the british system of local administration was introduced in the north through the endowment of native authority and law. National government nigeria is a federal republic with a bicameral national assembly and 36. The role of local government as an agent of rural development was redefined in 1960 s when the system was recognized as development. Local government internally generated revenue and administrative costs. The machinery of government structure and functions of. According to franzsen and semboja 2004, prior to rationalization of taxes, 20 percent of local governments own. Securing local government funds for national development. The state government sometimes delay payments to the local government areas and in most cases do not remit the complete 20. Federal government functions goals government system governments in nigeria grassroots green revolution growth ibid improve increase industries infrastructure institutions involved issues labour lack lagos lbadan lbid leadership ln addition ln nigeria major mamser military naira national development. The local government in nigeria as a tier of government is the most neglected, the most undemocratized and the worst cheated tier of government. Representatives of this organization collect taxes, work with telebroadcasting and radio, transport licenses, cemeteries and provides houses for the people in need.

Nigeria in the last fifty years has been battling with the problems of development in spite. They include the federal, state and local government. Nigerias executive arm is comprised of 3tiers of government. Local government involvement in national development planning. Participation by the citizensingovernance is one of the underlying precepts of democracy and the modern notion of government. These are the era of fixed term planning 196285, the era of rolling plan 19901998, and the new democratic dispensation 1999 till date. Revisiting the anambra experience, from 2006 to 20.

Local government administration in nigeria problems and. The local government system and federalstate legislative competence under the 1999 constitution nigerian education law journal 2003 vol. Problems of nigeria development plan and possible solutions. Local government administration in nigeria and the localist theory. Local government and community development project topics. There is thus, the need to grant local government areas full autonomy as well as increase its funding as it would help to enhance grass root participation in the development of nigeria. The federal government could not cover all areas in nigeria considering how big our country is, so 36 nigerian states and capital were created but alas. The era of fixed medium term plan 19621985 witnessed four successful plans in nigeria. Development authorities, agricultural development projects and many others have emphasized the need to tackle the problem of rural underdevelopment.

Local government and good governance administration in nigeria. Hopes of accelerated development are difficult to realize. Revenue generation and local government administration in. Impact of inter governmental relations in local government. Local government involvement in national development. The abolition of local government revenue sources in 2003 had a significant negative impact on local government revenue collections. The context for analysis is nigerias first experience with local involvement in national planning. The current number of local government in nigeria is 774. Local administration in nigeria has passed the four distinct stages of development. Nigeria has had quite a number of them actually the colonial development plan of 19581968, structural adjustment programme, the national economic empowerment and development strategy, the strategy for attaining the millennium development goals and the 7point agenda to mention a few. Local government administration in nigeria and community. The 1976 local government reform fixes the population of a local government not less than 150,000 and not more than 800, 000. The states could not cover all areas within themselves, as the population is ever growing and so there is occupancy of more land surfaces. Charter for popular participation in development and transformation, arusha, tanzania.

Nigeria is currently made up of 36 states and the federal capital territory and a total of 774 local government areas. Nigerias fourth national development plan 19811985 for the first time included. Development planning in nigeria can be classified under three eras. Challenges of local government administration in nigeria. Problems and prospect of local government administration in nigeria in nigeria, local government is the third tier of the administrative structure, following the federal and the state government. The 1976 local government reform was a national exercise the essential.

It has witnessed different kinds of local government system as a result of the introduction of indirect rule by the british government. The role of nigeria local government in rural development. The objective of this research is to explore the aims, methods and results of the economic development initiative conducted by the local authority to solve the social and economic problems of one of baltimores toughest neighborhoods. A novel evaluation scheme is elaborated and applied in assessing the proposals submitted by two local governments, kaduna and bauchi, for inclusion in the fourth national development plan. According to the encyclopedia of social sciences, local government may be loosely defined as a public organization authorized to decide and administer a limited range of public policies within a relatively small territory which is a subdivision of a regional or national. A large majority of the worlds population in developing world lives in a state of poverty. In nigeria, one of the main objectives for the introduction of the local government administration, as the third tier of government, is to ensure adequate provision of municipal infrastructure. It was introduced in the guise of the indirect rule system in 1914 by lord lugard when amalgamated the. Local government authorities lgas were jeopardized fjeldstad, 2004. Development is critical and essential to the sustenance and growth of any nation. As asserted by ugwu, 2001, the reform form a watershed in the evolution of local government development and administration in nigeria. This has deterredy the development of local government in nigeria. Local government in the communal sense means peoples political instrument to participate in resource allocation, distribution and power acquisition.

An overview of local government and rural development in nigeria. Local government administration in nigeria is classified as the third tier of government while several problems have been its recurring decimal and various reforms since 1976 havent been able to make the system effective and responsible to developmental challenges. Therefore, the problem of governance, particularly at the local level, has been in. The local government areas have also largely remained underdeveloped. So to speak, the local government is the closest structure to the people since it has to do with the grassroots. The functions and tasks of the local government are prescribed in the nigerian constitution of 1999. Local government is a political subdivision of a national government, or in federal system, a subdivision of regional government in fact, local government administration is so intentioned with local government and rural development in nigeria that any discussion on one out of necessity involves the other. Full list of local government in nigeria structure. An indepth analysis of this definition converges with the broad objectives of local government, which are political participation, efficient. Local government is the third level of government deliberately created to bring. The beauty of democracy ought to manifest in local government administration. The study is in the impact of intergovernmental relations in local government administration in nigeria. Local government in nigeria as an agent of transformation in nation building and local government as. The role of local government in rural development issues jide ibietan abstract the central aim or focus of this paper is to highlight the role of local government being the closest tier of government to the grassroots in rural development.

One of the major reasons for the creation of local government in nigeria is to bring governance closer to the people. Public sector management covers such aspects of management as productivity management, and management of human, financial and. European journal of sustainable development 2012, 1, 2, 183198 issn. The role of good governance and development administration in national development onichakwe, charles chimezie email. The 1976 reform marked the end of sound experiment or model and gave way to a common national local government system in nigeria. Ekiti local government administration amendment act 2008 sokoto local government act 2000.

Hence in his attempt to live a sedentary life, he began to think out ways to better his lots. Local government as an agent of transformation in nation building. It was introduced the east in 1955 and west in 1957 with responsibility to serve as a means of rural development in nigeria. The local government in nigeria was established for the purpose of rendering services and supplying amenities to the people in both rural and urban areas according to the document establishing the local government reforms in 1976. Pdf local government as a springboard for national. On the part of government therefore there is the realization that there is need to bring the neglected rural areas. Nigeria intend to use education as a vehicle for fostering development of all her citizens to their full potentials in the promotion of a strong, democratic, prosperous, indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation. Development will be insignificant in such a political system if the government does not positively affect the life of the people of the grassroots or if development eludes the grassroots dwellers.

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